HM Forces and Police

 “The service provided is second to none and the fees are much less than you would expect. From start to finish you have great help and support and there is not a single aspect I could fault. I would massively recommend it to anyone thinking of buying a home”

M Cattell – 39 Engrs –Army –August 2015


HM Forces



Knowing HM Forces and how they operate and why their home-buying process is different, in a number of ways, to non-Forces people buying a property – Forces Help To Buy scheme, for example, is crucial to a smooth home-buying experience for you – we have that experience.




“Frank and his team have provided support to serving and veterans of The Royal Regiment of Scotland for a number of years and his Home-Buying service has been advertised in our Regimental Association Bulletins. He has also given presentations and advice to serving soldiers and their families during visits to unit Welfare Clubs. I fully recommend his service to all those serving and our veterans”

Maj (Retd)Frank Morton, SO2Welfare, RHQ SCOTS, The Castle, Edinburgh


We have over 16 year’s experience, mainly under our previous name, Mortgages4Forces, in providing a first-class, complete, home-buying service for members of HM Forces personnel, UK-wide. In most instances, never even meeting the clients (abroad on service or simply just as easy to complete every stage of the transaction by phone/internet, but still taking care of every stage of the transaction for them).


"Great service from Frank and the team – a couple of tip though, when using FHTB: remember to request a PIN (Personal Information Note) on your initial FHTB application on JPA that’s required by the mortgage company.  Also, get it in early, because after your initial approval on JPA, it needs to be printed off, signed by the MO,RAO,CO and sent to JPAC, which can take upto 8 weeks to be approved.”

R McIlroy - 3RSME – Army. August 2015


Over a great number of years, we’ve given presentations on all aspects of home-buying, at military bases around the UK, with JSHAO at a number of them in the past, along with providing content for Military newsletters/bulletins/magazines (12 years in Housing Matters, for example)/talks on Forces radio, etc.

Keeping it generic: We keep everything as generic as possible (it gets boring when it’s simple a sales pitch) although we hope that, because of our great experience in providing a service for members of HM Forces, for so long, that we do attract business.



Forces Help To Buy scheme : Download your Simple Guide to Forces Help To Buy scheme – Click Here


PolFed and SPRA Members – UK-Wide



The same service that we provide for members of HM Forces is now available to all Polfed and SPRA Members.



PolFed members : Download your Simple Guide to Buying Your Home – Click Here


"I would highly recommend this service. The team of highly motivated people at Star Mortgages, can deal with the whole process and provide the best advice and guidance. When I decide to upgrade or move in the future, my first point of call will be Frank and the team"

Philip Anderson, Police Constable, Police Scotland.



Our Service – UK Wide:

Free Independent Mortgage Advice from our experienced team of advisers (normal arrangement fee waived for members of HM Forces and Polfed).f3

Scottish Police Recreation Association members Download your Simple Guide to Buying Your Home – Click Here


Substantially discounted legal fees (approximately 20%) for buying and selling, from our experienced panel of solicitors and estate agents, covering the UK – fees given in writing at the outset.


Free Survey advice/information from our leading National surveyors – giving their opinion on: asking price/area/property/survey report, etc – gives you an edge when you turn up for your first viewing. All survey, should you require one, discounted.


Here at Star Mortgages we manage the whole process for you – from your initial enquiry to when you pick up the keys to your new home – liasing with all parties concerned and keeping you updated throughout.


Whether you decide to use our services or not we are happy to try to help in any way we can and will do our best to provide any answers to any questions you may have – free of charge and with no obligation to use our services.

Call us now for a no-obligation chat.